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Dynamic Creative Designer with 10+ years experience in capturing, compiling and analyzing the latest concepts in design theory and applying them to my client’s local and international marketing plans.

Empowering my creative team and leading clients to insure strategic development and implementation of best-in-class campaigns.

Driving innovation with compelling Human Centered Design (HCD) solutions to position companies for sustainable revenue growth and heightened consumer engagement.

Maintaining workflow, with multiple time-lines, while meeting established budgets to deliver within tight deadlines. Building working relationships with executive leadership, internal partners across business units, as well as external vendors. 


Senior Marketing & Communications at CAT

Sisi was a joy to work with and I would welcome another opportunity to collaborate on a project with her. Of course, her design work is beautiful, sharp and on the cutting edge of the market. Beyond that, she accounts for the practical considerations - user experience, brand image and message, which makes it easy for me, as a writer to collaboratively create something that the clients love.


Certified as a Wix Webmaster in August of 2016 to be your one stop online marketing solution. Designing, launching and managing your entire online presence; using cutting edge technology to help you reach your business goals with a visually stunning website that encourages visitors to interact and looks amazing on any device. 

The sites that are built around the Wix foundations look better than anywhere else.  The templates are fantastic, as is the support, and the features offered allow any type of website to flourish beautifully.

Wix is now the biggest player in the website builder landscape and hosts over 80 million websites worldwide.

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