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  • Sisi Mereness

I am an APPLE Junkie!

It's time for me to come clean. I am an APPLE Junkie.

There is a fine line between love and addiction and I might have crossed it. If I am willing to wait in line, in the cold, to buy an iPhone, be the only one in town to pay with an Apple watch every morning at Starbucks or be the first one to order the supremely awesome Apple Pencil for my iPad Pro, does that make me an addict or just a lover of all things Apple? Nothing against my fellow Android, LG, Samsung lovers/addicts because I am sure I would be buying those if there were no Apple products (hypothetically speaking and that would be a weird universe).

I think I can pinpoint the moment in time that I really fell in love (got hooked). I had seen those tedious IBM key punch cards, but to my surprise, on my internship at a Newspaper, they were already utilizing the original beige Apple Macintosh computers for all their typesetting. Hello Pretty!

That was such a huge leap from 000010000 punch punch to a clean screen with folders, a trash can and a cute mouse on the side. It was so intuitive, so clean, so perfectly perfect! All I could say was may I have more PLEASE!

After graduation I accepted a job at a wonderful global company but I discovered on my first day of work that they did not use any apple products. With deep agonizing frustration I got my first taste of PC computers daily crashing my Adobe programs. After about 3 years and a bajillion computer meltdowns the IT department convinced the higher ups to have a complete overhaul of all of their computers to Apple. Off course, I threw a party for the IT department. I called them the Department of AWESOMENESS!

Reflecting back on the craze for the Palm Pilot and all that it offered in the 90's I always knew that I had no desire to own one. Although there were no signs yet of an iPod or iPhone, in my gut I knew Apple would find a way and create a product that would blow the Palm out of the water. I did have to wait for almost a decade but it was worth it.

So whatever you want to call this, I am blissfully happy in my garden of Apple products and wish the best for all of you out there waiting for that right tech to sweep you off your feet.

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