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  • Sisi Mereness

The Google Brain Supremacy!

Where would marketers be without Google? In 2017 you have to know how to attract and retain your customers. Google owns the lion’s share of US search traffic and has a plethora of published articles, infographics and videos with data, analysis and insights into the heart of the consumer; looking at their online purchasing and search habits. Consumer behavior and trends can also change from day to day and at a pace that is mind-blowing. Who has time for focus groups when you have Think with Google with focus group data from YouTube Analytics and Google Consumer Surveys.

As a savvy consumer you should also know which search engine to use to research and find the best deals online especially during those rush bargain days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The analytics firm comScore, polled that shoppers in 2016 made 51% of their purchases online, compared to 48% in 2015 and 47% in 2014. Now lets just say you and your family are searching for a new home. House Hunting? Google has you covered on any devices from the peak purchasing time of year, to the best listings and directions to a house, (SERIOUSLY?) It was clear when I did a side by side comparison of a simple search phrase: "house hunting" on 3 separate search engines; Google, Yahoo and Bing. The Google Brain gave me relevant results that went beyond what I had asked and hoped to receive. Not only did I get articles on how to buy a house or how much is the house worth but what mistakes not to make and a variety of online sights like; Realtor, Zillow and Trulia.

Googles web crawlers, organizational indexing, data mining, ranking and algorithms look for clues to give you exactly what you want when you are searching. Google is gathering an unprecedented amount of information about our actions, behavior and affiliations online from the news, images, mobile devices .... and knowledge graphs that are based on real world people, places, things, and the connections between them. Google now can discover certain market trends early, so you can react effectively to the market. It will help you discover what people are looking for, what people want, and make business decisions based on those discoveries. The Google Brian is truly using science and making it publicly available for you to use. The USC Marshall School of Business has a great infographic to explain how search engines have become knowledge centers, and librarians.

In 2016 comScore Desktop Search Engine Rankings report showed Google led the U.S. explicit core search market with 64 percent market share. 16.8 billion explicit core searches were conducted in February, with Google Sites ranking first with 10.8 billion. These reports are widely shared by media outlets as the definitive source of search engine penetration. I believe this doesn't even touch the true science behind (what I am coining) "The Google Brain Supremacy". Now if you are still in doubt that Google is that sophisticated? and I predict, will be THE ONLY SEARCH engine of the future? well just look at Google Education. (BTW I don't work for Google. I kinda wish I did.)

This sight was created for teachers to connect with other teachers and students. Currently 20 million teachers and students are using Google Classroom in 190 countries. My son has been using this sight to do homework and gather school work and materials for his assignment for years. Here is a little hint to all the consumers and marketers out there; I believe that the Google Brain is learning how these kids behave, search, learn and yep shop. NO other search engine is gathering that much data globally on how we behave and interact with our world from the moment we can sit up by ourselves and use a computer. As I see it, the Google Brain is going to know the needs of all these young kids by the time they are ready to enter the work force and start purchasing on their own.

It is my observation that Google has created an amazing symbiotic environment between the consumers and the producers. As a consumer you need to minimize your search navigation and time online. As a producer you need to reach your customers and maximizing your sales quota. Also know that as a business owner you should to take full advantage of Google’s local search features (like promoted Maps pins and robust business profiles), you need to claim and verify your company listing on Google My Business.

See what was trending in 2016 Global.

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